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There is power in numbers. As a Global Literary Club, we have the ability to negotiate prices on e-books with authors who have the capability to have their books online. Those who intends to have an online version of their book will be refer to our publishers, We will pursue permissions that will allow global readers to have the online version available to club members to read. We realized that will come with a price and that is what we will do with your subscriptions to bring benefits to you.

Members will have the ability to read club members suggested book online where ever they are at any point in time.

How it works:

  • Sign up for your membership level ( basic, premier, patron and owners caucus) via PayPal.
  • Club will assign you a membership access code not later than 48 hours after your payment has been received.
  • Select a book to read and enjoy.
  • Upgrade: You can upgrade from one membership level to another after three months of your initial membership. Upgrade fee from one level to another is additional $25.00
  • Only Premier membership and above can print materials for personal education purposes and not for any other distribution purposes. Authors reserve the right to legally challenge individuals who violate copyrights rule. Any materials printed should not contain more than 1500 words at a given period of 3 months. If a member intends to have needs more than those allowed, member should consult customer service at the club given numbers.
  • Club reserve the right to cancel without refund the membership of a club member who violates membership rules as outline above and elsewhere on this site. A valid e-mail address is required for membership.
  • Members should not give their access code to others for use. You will be held responsible for all activities.
  • Membership level has its own privileges. Each membership level has its own restrictions. Upgrade to a membership level that is best for you or enroll at a level that will serve your purpose.

There is power in numbers ! Global Reach !

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